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  Personal Background
  Fanny's Personal Background

I started my career path in helping profession, as a nurse, about 30 years ago. Throughout those 20 years of clinical practice, I was convinced that there was a close relationship between emotion and physical status. Strongly believed in the notion that prevention was always better than cure, I decided to give up the high-paid head nurse position in 2004 and chose to become a therapist and a trainer as my lifelong career.

In addition to the completion of "Master in Social Work" at HKU, starting from 2000 onwards, I had taken multiple courses related to different kinds of therapy, including NLP, Coaching, Family Therapy, Family Constellation, Reiki, Focusing, Grief Counselling, Suicide Prevention & Management Courses. Going through the learning process, I realized that the lost of mother in my early childhood did have a great impact on me.

Fortunately, therapeutic work is an interactive subject that emphasizes both on theory and practice. On top of acquiring the professional knowledge and skills, I also got a lot of assistance from my instructors and peers that help to transform me into a more open, free and humble person full of positive energy.


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