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I am emotionally disturbed; do I need to seek for counselling or psychotherapy?
When experiencing difficulties, it is normal to have swings in our emotions. Our emotions are very dynamic that it is able to recover after low tide. However, if the low mood sustains over three weeks and affects your daily living, such as eating, sleeping, working or living will, behind there may be some conflicts or psychological knots untreated. Then one should look for a professional counsellor or psychotherapist for early interventions.

Does it mean I admit having a problem if I seek for counselling? How would the counsellor think about me?
It is normal that everyone might experience difficulties in life and seeking help is courageous. The counsellor will highly appreciate this! Crisis is often a golden opportunity for growth – having the chance to transform oneself! As shown by numerous clinical cases, people who have experienced trauma can restore their mental health and live a beautiful life. The key is to seek help as soon as possible! The sooner one seeks help, the faster one can recover.

How is the process of treatment?
Treatment will be conducted in face-to-face interviews. The client will be directed to pay attention to his body sensations, to help him consciously aware of his own internal and external resources. The purpose is to provide him a safe experience. Then, the client will be guided by the therapist to touch bit by bit on tolerable painful experience, and to alternate between pleasant and unpleasant sensory feelings, emotions or images. During this process, excess energy stuck in the nervous system can be released, and a more healthy state can be restored.

How long will treatment usually last?
This all depends on the needs of the client. Sometimes one is able to rebuild the resilience of the nervous system just after one session. For a single trauma, an average of not more than six sessions will be required for healing. Yet, to deal with long-term or more serious problem, one needs longer time.

How long will each session last? How frequent should we meet?
The first interview is usually longer, about 2 hours in order to understand the situation and provide some remedies. Subsequent session normally lasts for an hour. Initially, weekly meeting will be recommended to achieve better results. Payment is charged according to length of the session.




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