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  Recipients' Feedback



  Fanny, very grateful to have met you. Your sincere companionship and contribution is a special gift granted by God to me.
    by Mr. POON
  I like your gentle kindness, fun-filled yet mature and wise. You let me understand and love myself more. Thank you very much!
  by Ms. LAI
  In a particular session of therapy, I had resolved a very traumatic past experience. That gave me a deep and excited feeling: A heart with damage, cracks and tears, seemingly looks dirty and gray. In fact, it is a land with a lot of accumulated nutrients. Buried inside are many seeds. After careful cultivating and sorting out, it would nourish unexpected vibrant life, emitting brightness, warmth, hope ....
  by Ms. CHUNG

Corporate / Professional Training Participants' Feedback

  • I enjoy the interactive mode.
  • The speaker explains in plain and easy ways; enable participants to follow and relax within short time.
  • Lively explanation and contents are practical in daily lives. With plenty of exercises enable me to better understand how to put the theory into practice.
  • I understand the benefits of grounding now.
  • The metaphor of ‘lobster behind tsunami’ inspires me to another thought.
  • The resources list inspires me to re-think / understand myself more.
  • The speaker’s lively and humorous style makes the workshop contents more impressive.
  • I am now more aware of my own physical condition, and can be-friend with myself.
  • Small game to start off the workshop can help me use my five senses to experience content of the workshop.
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